What does a man want from a woman? 18 characteristics of his dream woman

Every woman would like to know what men want from a woman. But that’s a tough question that we’ve been puzzling over for many years.

While many scientists are searching for an answer, there is one thing that could help us – our feminine intuition.

Not all men are created equal. Everyone thinks differently and likes different things. What is important to one man is not necessarily or not at all important to the other.

Every man is different and it is quite normal that everyone is into something different. Of course, there is also the need for love, respect and affection that all men have in common.

However, all other preferences differ from man to man. As already said, every woman should listen to her gut instinct, and that’s why here you will find out what many women think are the most important things that every man wants in a woman.

1. He wants a woman who understands him

Every man longs for a woman who understands him. He needs a woman who knows him like the back of her hand and can see at a glance how he feels.

Most women think that all men want only one thing, but that’s not true. Although we live in a world full of fuckboys, emotional manipulators, and sociopaths, there are plenty of nice men out there too.

You just have to look a little longer. When a man has found a woman who understands him without having to explain himself too much, he doesn’t leave her side anymore.

Every man longs for a woman who gives him support, and when he has found such a woman, he doesn’t let go of her so quickly.

Understanding and support are the foundation of any happy relationship, and when added enough love, any problem can be overcome with ease.

2. He wants a woman with a sense of humor

A great sense of humor is one of the most important things when it comes to women.

When a woman has a great sense of humor, every man automatically finds her much more attractive. Conversation with her goes much smoother, and any man can relax much faster.

When a woman manages to break the ice and help the man relax on the first date, it becomes a lot easier for both of them.

These little things are far more important than most people think. In this way, the woman can steer the conversation in the direction she wants and always know what to say.

If you are fun and easy going, every man will find you sympathetic and enjoy spending time with you.

And if he spends some time with you, he will have an opportunity to get to know you better. Once he gets to know you better, he can fall in love with you. And it can all happen faster than you think.

3. He wants a woman who will also be his best friend

There are all kinds of men. From those who just want sex to those who dream of great family happiness.

In this case, we will focus on the latter group. Every man who wants a love relationship wants a partner who will also be his best friend.

And believe me, if you find your best friend and your partner in one and the same person, you’ve hit the jackpot. This person has to support him, be caring and loving and get to know him in all his facets.

When a man has finally found what he was looking for, he will enter into a committed relationship with that person and remain loyal to them. He doesn’t feel like having wild party nights anymore, but prefers to stay at home and cuddle with his better half.

He wants a woman he can rely on. A woman who is always there for him, even when he pushes her away because he doesn’t want her to worry. He wants a woman who will never give up on him – not even if he gives up on himself.

4. He wants a woman who is attractive

There are women who some men find unattractive while others are totally crazy about them. It all depends on individual taste and personal preferences.

In general, however, it can be said that every man first falls in love with a woman’s beauty when he sees her.

That, of course, is the first thing that piques his interest in her. However, if he doesn’t like her character, he won’t stay with her for long.

All he has to do is have some fun with her, and after he gets what he wanted, he runs off. But a really first-class woman is and will remain every man’s greatest dream.

So pay attention not only to your appearance, but also to your behavior. Because even though your beauty brings you closer to a man, your wrongdoing can tear you apart faster than you think.

5. He wants a woman who is confident

A confident woman does not wait for a man to make her happy, but takes her happiness into her own hands. She knows when to put herself first and shows every man where to go if necessary.

Men like women with self-confidence because they have an attractive charisma. I don’t mean that women like that are intimidating, but that there is something about them that draws all men to them.

A confident woman does not allow herself to be bossed around by a man. She is never satisfied with less than she deserves.

Plus, she definitely doesn’t put up with every crap that is served to her. When a man has found such a woman, he should appreciate her very much, because to gamble away her love would be the stupidest thing in the world.

6. He wants a woman who has a life of her own

While both partners share most of the things with each other, there are also some things they’d better keep to themselves. That is why every man needs a woman who has her own life and interests.

This is the only way they can both focus on the things they love and spend the rest of their time together. They can support each other in their goals and desires and show each other how much they love and care for each other.

When a woman has a life of her own it is much easier for her to have a happy love life.

When all the requirements for a healthy relationship are met, no man needs to worry that something will go wrong. And even if they do, both partners will be sensible enough to deal with any problems that may arise.

7. He wants a woman he is comfortable with

Men are only people who don’t feel like doing unnecessary frills. All they need is your love and affection.

They need someone who is there for them in both good times and bad. You need a woman who is your lover and your best friend at the same time.

What they definitely do not want is a short-lived relationship with someone they have met through social networks or dating portals. If they choose to be in a relationship, it will be with someone with whom the chemistry is right.

Any married man who has a woman like this is sure to tell you that she is the best thing that ever happened to him.

And if you think about it more closely, it makes perfect sense. We all want someone who is there for us and understands us, right? Why should it be any different with men?

8. He wants a woman who is intelligent

An intelligent woman is, of course, far more desirable than a woman who is not intelligent.

It’s true that most men are primarily drawn to how you look, but it ultimately depends on your soul and your mindset whether a man will stay with you forever.

Men don’t just want a pretty doll by their side, they want a woman they can talk to seriously.

She doesn’t have to be a goddamn aerospace engineer, but she does need to have some basic knowledge. Otherwise every man will get bored with her.

As long as he’s young it will still work somehow, but as he gets older and the kids go their own way, he’ll feel lonely. And if a man doesn’t have a wife to talk to about anything, he can’t be happy and contented either.

That is why men should not orientate themselves exclusively on the appearance of a woman, but on other, more important things. Remember, beauty fades, but good and charismatic character persists.

9. He wants a woman who will never give up on him

Every man’s dream is to have a wife who will fight for him when he is at the end of his tether. He needs a woman who knows him so well that she just takes him in her arms without asking any questions.

Men are not that open about their feelings, and women know that. So there is nothing better than having a woman who knows exactly how to help you without asking too many questions.

Any man would be proud to have a wife who would stick with him even in bad times. A woman who fights for him and for the children.

A woman who keeps breaking down, but still gets up in the morning and goes to work as if nothing had happened. Strong men need strong women. Not to challenge each other, but to support each other.

When you have found someone you can match with in all walks of life, you can be truly lucky. And if you’re wondering what women want, I just say: Exactly the same as men.

10. He wants a woman who is loyal

Loyalty is one of the most important requirements for any relationship. If your partner is not loyal, all else is for free. You cannot build a healthy relationship with someone who cheats on you every time they leave the house.

Anyone who has a loyal and caring wife in their life has practically hit the jackpot. Every man wants and needs such a woman, but sometimes he doesn’t find her or his partner changes over time.

Sometimes it’s the men’s own fault, and sometimes the relationship just doesn’t go the way you imagined it to be. But the fact is that every man wants a woman who won’t stab him in the back when he least expects it.

When you fall in love with such a woman, you know that she will always be there for you and that even in a dream she would not jeopardize your relationship.

11. He wants a woman who will be a good mother

Unsurprisingly, men want a woman who will be a good mother. To do this, she has to have a lot of empathy and understanding for children.

Men plan ahead and can let off steam with many women in the course of their lives, but in the end they will only marry the best.

He won’t choose a woman who stays away late every night. He wants a partner who is dedicated to family and partnership.

He wants to be with a woman who spares no expense or effort when it comes to the well-being of her family. He wants a woman he can proudly introduce to his mother and father.

A woman with whom he proudly goes through life and for whom others envy him. He wants a woman who is everything he’s been looking for all his life. And he will only be satisfied when he has found such a woman.

12. He wants a woman who respects him

You know what they say: love and respect go hand in hand. That is absolutely correct. I’m not saying love isn’t important because it definitely is, but respect is the only thing that remains when love wears off after a while.

This happens when two people grow old together and the playful love from their youth turns into a mature love. If there is no respect, the relationship cannot work.

If you don’t respect the woman you’re with, there is no point in telling her how much you love her. You have to appreciate her and know that if you don’t treat her the way she deserves, she can leave you too.

Women are often treated like objects by men – this is the cruelest thing a man can do to a woman.

Even if she’s vowed to stay with him forever, she can leave if she’s not comfortable in the relationship. And just as every woman wants a man who respects her, men also want the same.

13. He wants a woman who accepts him for who he is

Just like women, men want someone who accepts them for who they are.

So, to be happy, it is enough to find a woman who is happy with your current status. If she knows all of your weaknesses and quirks and still accepts you, then she is the right person.

She doesn’t care what you become or how much money you could make in the future. The only thing that interests her is the man who stands in front of her here and now and has his heart on his tongue.

For a woman who sees you with eyes like this and accepts you completely, it really is worth fighting. She will support you and always be there for you.

Such a woman will do everything in her power to make your relationship work and she will never give up on you.

That is why every man dreams of having a woman who does not complete him, but accepts him completely. As simple as that.

14. He wants a woman who is good in bed

Every man’s dream is to have a woman who doesn’t just lie in bed like a starfish – that much is certain. He wants a woman who is sensual and soulful.

Also, men like women who initiate sex. So if you want to drive him crazy about you, take the initiative for a change.

This shows him that you are confident, exuberant, and that you enjoy sex with him. He will be overjoyed and only have eyes for you because he has everything with you.

Of course, I’m not saying that a woman only has to be good in bed to be desirable. I’m just saying that this also plays an important role in a love relationship.

However, love, respect, and affection are the most important things a man should look out for in a woman. Everything else will go by itself.

15. He wants a woman who is humble

Humility is a virtue that we often forget these days. A humble woman does not orientate herself on things that are not important. If she doesn’t get love and affection from you, she doesn’t care about anything material.

She will marry you to be your equal significant other. She doesn’t want you to buy her love with expensive gifts and restaurants and then go straight to bed with another woman.

She wants all or nothing. Only under this condition will she stay with you.

You must not, of course, take advantage of their modesty. Buy her a little something every now and then to show her you think of her.

It is enough if you give her a few roses, because a modest woman will appreciate them like the most expensive jewels.

If you notice that she wants nothing more than you and your love, then you must not lose her under any circumstances, because she is a real treasure.

16. He wants a woman who doesn’t dictate anything to him

Men don’t want to be with someone who is constantly telling them what to do and how to behave.

You need a woman with whom you can be yourself. They want a woman with whom they can be just as free as they were before the relationship.

I’m not saying to go out every night and do everything they used to do when they were younger and single.

I’m just saying that a man can do whatever he wants in his free time. If he wants to go somewhere with his friends, he should be able to do that too.

He shouldn’t be afraid of what his wife or girlfriend will say about it. A relationship should be one of the most beautiful things in our life, not our biggest burden.

So if a man finds an understanding and tolerant woman, he will never give her up. He will respect and love her and only have eyes for her because with her he has everything he needs to be happy.

17. He wants a woman who will be strong when he isn’t

There are tons of reasons why relationships are so beautiful. Aside from feeling loved and valued, you always know that you have someone by your side who will be there for you during your toughest times.

When you are with the right person, he will be strong for you when you are not.

Men are often portrayed as callous macho guys, but deep down they are very sensitive. Some of them are even more sensitive than women, but they can hide it well.

Even if it doesn’t seem like your partner needs any help from you, just be there for them. Sooner or later, he will ask for your help because he will not be able to deal with every problem in his life on his own.

Every man needs a strong woman to help him up when he falls. And that’s absolutely fine too.

It’s okay to have feelings, and crying is normal too. The main thing is that you have the right person by your side who can understand why you are doing certain things in your life.

When you’re with someone who can see how you are feeling with just a glance, you can be sure that you’ve found your soulmate.

18. He wants a woman who is not afraid to take the first step

Regardless of whether she says she still wants a child or has organized a road trip – every man really appreciates it when the woman takes the initiative.

Men often forego certain things because they don’t know how their significant other will react to them.

But if you have a woman who can do something all by herself and then just let you know, you can be really lucky.

I know there are men who don’t like surprises or dominant women, but there’s really nothing wrong with that.

Any married man would be over the moon to have a woman who likes to take the initiative and surprise him every now and then. Such women are strong and confident, and they don’t need a man to feel perfect.

As long as you treat such a woman right, your life will be the most beautiful love story.