Use these 20 effective tricks to make anyone fall in love with you

So there is someone you are in love with, but you just have no idea what to do about how you feel.

What do you have to do so that this someone sees that you deserve a chance, what psychological tricks can you use to get this person to see you with completely different eyes?

Looks familiar to you, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because we’ve all seen this before.

How do I get someone to like me? How do I make someone fall in love with me?

We have all racked our brains about these questions at least once in our lives. Now we finally have the answer.

Just follow these 20 dating tips and I promise you that you will conquer your dream partner in no time.

1. Find out more about his relationship status

The first step that many people unfortunately prefer to skip when trying to conquer their crush is to first inquire about that person’s relationship status.

You have to be aware that times have changed and the line between single and forgiving is becoming more and more blurred.

So how exactly do you know whether someone you know absolutely nothing about is still available or not? The first thing you can do is ask your mutual friends about this person.

If they don’t know the answer, you have no choice but to browse their social media profiles and look for possible clues to a steady partner.

If you find that the person is not single, the best thing to do is to get away from them immediately.

After all, you don’t want to be an adulterer or a fifth wheel on the wagon, and the last thing you need is a love triangle with a cheater.

But even if he’s officially single, there’s still a chance he might be emotionally unreachable.

So before you try to conquer your dream partner, you should definitely inform yourself about any emotional baggage from his past.

2. Strengthen your self-esteem

To be liked by others, you must first like yourself and be comfortable in your own skin, and to be respected, you must first of all have some self-respect.

Sounds like a cliché, I know, but believe me when I tell you it’s absolutely true.

So if you want to spark someone’s interest, you have to act confident and act like a confident person who knows what they want and isn’t afraid to get it.

After all, you can’t show your qualities to that special someone unless you are really aware of your own qualities – can you?

So the first thing to do is to build your confidence and convince yourself that you are special. Easier said than done, I know.

To start with, you should write down all of your positives and traits. What might the opposite sex find attractive about you?

Every morning when you wake up, take a look in the mirror and repeat after myself, “I’m beautiful, handsome, witty, and have an interesting sense of humor. I only deserve the best and need not be afraid of anything. ”

Do not concentrate solely on this one person, because you benefit from an increased self-esteem not only in love, but also in many other areas of life.

Make a list of short-term goals and work towards realizing them step by step. So every time you achieve something new, you will see how capable you really are, and that will boost your confidence.

Stop comparing yourself to others, especially your crush’s past partners. Rather focus on yourself and on the things that make you special.

Stop thinking you have no chance with this someone and get rid of pessimistic thoughts and the fear of failure.

I don’t want to fool you – there is of course the possibility that the person concerned will not reciprocate your feelings. You can do everything right, but if that person doesn’t “click”, you can’t force them to like you.

But that’s not what you should be focusing on at the moment. Instead, believe firmly in your success and hope for the best!

Because even if you fail, you will know it was heroic. You will know that you at least tried and did your best, and you will have nothing to regret later.

3. Take care of your appearance

If you want to attract the interest of the opposite sex, the first thing you need to do is make sure you look good at all times.

Do not get me wrong; I’m not saying to get an operation to look like a top model from a fashion magazine – it’s not the only way to get someone’s interest.

We humans are generally pretty superficial, although most would never admit it. You sure have a great personality and a lot to offer, but your crush who haven’t met you can’t know this.

In order to give you a chance at all and to get the desire to get to know the many facets of your personality, he must first be attracted to your appearance.

Of course, when he later sees how personable you are, your looks won’t matter that much.

At the moment, however, it plays a crucial role. After all, you know yourself that you have to be drawn to someone in order to be more interested in them.

Therefore, first pay attention to good personal hygiene. Make sure that you shower every day and that you have clean, well-groomed hair.

You don’t have to wear brand name clothing, but your clothes do need to be clean and ironed. Also, always dress appropriately for the occasion instead of just putting on the first thing you see hanging in your closet.

It’s just as important to wear a recognizable scent so that your crush can remember you. It doesn’t have to be too strong, of course, but believe me, every time he smells this scent on someone else, he’ll think of you.

4. Always be positive when you are around him

Nobody likes grumpy people, and your crush is no exception. Sure, like everyone else, you have the right to be in a bad mood every now and then.

Nonetheless, you should be in a good mood, at least at the beginning, when you are around your dream partner. Smile every time you see him, say something funny to make him laugh, and always exude positive energy no matter where you are.

Always be as easy and relaxed as possible. Don’t be a drag on the fun and when you get the chance, suggest something fun and interesting that you can do together to get to know each other better.

Do not concentrate solely on conquering this person, but try to put aside your feelings for him. Become someone they enjoy being with.

This way, you will free yourself from the pressure of what will happen next, stop worrying about every tiny detail and have the chance to be yourself.

Don’t get stuck in the friend zone, just imagine that this is your friend who you are comfortable with around and I assure you that he will too.

I’m not saying to please everyone and just nod your head at anything your crush says just to make them feel better – but don’t argue about every little thing either, as this won’t attract positive attention direct you

Don’t be a nervous drama queen who makes a big fuss about everything, don’t drain his energy or bring pessimism into his life.

Instead, focus on becoming someone who can always cheer him up, no matter what. Make sure he thinks you are the funniest, most entertaining person he has ever met.

In this way you will not only put him in a good mood, but also make sure that he associates the feeling of fun and joy with you.

5. Give him body language signals

So you really want to get this one person to fall in love with you – that’s clear. At the same time, you don’t want to tell him directly how you feel about him.

Maybe you’re too shy to admit your feelings to him, maybe you’re scared of a basket, or you’re waiting for him to take the first step.

Whatever it is, the fact is, you have to find another way to signal to him that you like him.

The best thing you can do is give your dream partner body language signals that have several advantages.

On the one hand, you will make him curious and present some kind of challenge for him. He will never be sure if he is just imagining it or if you really want to suggest that you are into him.

On the other hand, you will be able to judge his reactions based on his body and facial expressions. Does he react positively to your signals or does he look more like you are a stalker who disregards his privacy?

Another benefit of body language signals is the fact that they save you from direct rejection. If you see that the person concerned does not respond to your signals, you can simply withdraw again and save yourself an embarrassing rebuff.

• Eye contact

It is well known and indisputable that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. This is why the best way to signal your crush with your eyes is how you feel about them.

First and foremost, you should try long-term eye contact. Give him one long, sexy look every time you walk past him.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should stare at him like a madman or focus solely on his sexual attributes. Just look deep into his eyes and wait to see if he looks at you.

• Smile

It is important that you always smile while looking deep into his eyes. After all, it’s really scary to stare at someone with a completely serious expression; he shouldn’t get the impression that you want to start an argument or something like that.

There is no need to laugh hysterically, just make sure to use the expression on your face to indicate that you like it.

Most of all, pay attention to how your crush looks at you. What do his eyes tell you

Even if he looks away while you look deep into his eyes, you mustn’t lose all hope right away. Maybe he’s just embarrassed and takes a little longer to relax.

• Accidental touches

Next, your crush’s body needs to get used to yours – and the best way to do that is to “accidentally” touch it at every opportunity.

The most important thing is of course not to go too far, not to intrude into your personal space and to immediately distance yourself if you notice that you are bothering him.

However, if that’s not the case, you can slowly start kissing him on the cheek or hugging him a little tighter when the two of you greet each other.

Hold his hand when you want to say something important, touch his shoulder or knee when he says something funny, or just put your hand on his waist.

• The lip trick

You want that special someone to kiss you, don’t you? Well then you have to get his attention to your lips.

Easily bite your lower lip when you see he’s looking at you, or look at his lips in the middle of a conversation. Believe me – it screams “kiss me”!

• Physical near

If you don’t dare to make direct physical contact with your crush, then at least try to get as close to them as possible.

While this may seem completely irrelevant, it actually brings the two of you closer together and increases intimacy.

If the two of you are with a group of people, make sure to sit next to him at every opportunity. When you’re standing next to each other, your feet should be facing him.

Of course, these are all signs to look out for to see if both of you are making progress. As your crush continues to do more of the above, one thing is certain: they are slowly falling in love with you.

6. Be open …

In order for someone to fall in love with you, they have to get to know you first. And that is only possible if you both spend time together.

For this reason, you should always be open to a meeting with your dream partner. You can invite him out for a casual get-together if you don’t want to ask him out on a first date, and if he invites you somewhere, you should definitely say yes.

But it is even more important that you show him that you are there for him at all times and that he can count on you. Give him a helping hand when he needs help, call him when he’s feeling down, and help him with his problems when he’s in trouble.

Be quick to reply to his messages when the two of you text each other and show him that you enjoy talking to him. Answer the phone when he calls you, and make sure not to pretend that bothers you.

7. … but also a bit mysterious

The trick is not to be too open either. Better let your personality seem a bit mysterious.

I’m not saying you should play mind games or give mixed signals here because that’s childish and will just drag you both into an endless vicious circle from which there is no escape.

It is enough if you don’t reveal everything about yourself right away.

Of course, you have to show your crush your true self and let them get to know all facets of your personality.

Don’t be closed, but always let him fidget a little to whet his appetite for more information about your private life.

This will stimulate his imagination and never get out of his head. He will want to know what is hidden under the various layers of your personality and want to be the first to get to the bottom of you.

8. Memorize the smallest details

Most people find it irresistible when someone memorizes even the tiniest details.

I’m not saying that you should act like a stalker and reveal any information you have gleaned about this person through your mutual friends or on social media, but it would be nice if you found something seemingly insignificant but for your crush would notice very important things.

For example, surprise him by congratulating him on his birthday even though he has never mentioned his date of birth, say something about his new hairstyle and show him that you still remember the name of his childhood best friend, who he was told you a long time ago

This shows him how attentive you are and how important he is to you.

More importantly, make it clear to your crush that you are noticing their behavior changes and mood swings. Pay attention to his behavior and ask him if something is wrong if you notice that he is feeling bad.

9. Show him that you care about his life

Your crush definitely wants a partner who can listen to them. But when I advise you to listen to everything your crush has to say, I don’t mean that you should just sit still while they talk.

What I mean by that is that you should literally become a good listener and confidante. Show him that you care about everything he tells you and that he doesn’t bore you with his chatter about himself.

Just show him that you care about his life. Ask him questions, but be careful not to seem overly curious or to bring up topics that are too personal or sensitive.

Let him tell you about his friends, family, work and hobbies. You can of course also ask questions about his love past to find out more about his relationship status and the kind of people he’s been with up until now.

Of course, you can’t be rude and ask him to tell you everything about his relationships to date and his love life, but the two of you can share your longest relationships, your most common reasons for separation, and your criteria for choosing a partner.

By directing the conversation in this direction, you are signaling which area of ​​his life you are most interested in.

With all of this information, you can tell whether the two of you would go together or not. Did you idealize this person simply because you had no idea about them, or do you like them even more now that you know them better?

At the same time you can both find out what you have in common.

Maybe you can do a little bit of research about your crush to find out more about their hobbies and interests, then surprise them in conversation and pretend you’re interested in the same things.

However, don’t be passive in your conversations. Talk about yourself too.

He shouldn’t get the impression that you don’t have a life of your own and that you have nothing to tell him.

10. Make a little effort …

Although you don’t want to directly confess your feelings to him, you want to show that person how much he means to you. Therefore, you have to find a suitable way to let him see the depth of your feelings.

It’s simple: you have to put a little effort into this whole story. Show your crush that you care about their wellbeing, that you want to make them feel good, and that you enjoy spending time with them.

Help him when he needs help and surprise him with an impressive romantic gesture so that he can see that you deserve his attention.

11. … but don’t overdo it

Most importantly, you don’t try too hard, either.

I know it’s hard to find the right balance, but you have to understand that everyone is different so you just have to figure out the situation, listen to your gut, and go with the flow.

When they are very fond of someone, most people want to read that person’s every wish and do everything in their power to win them over. While that’s cute and nice, it can actually be counterproductive.

You are not to become that person’s maid or pet. He shouldn’t think that you are there for him day and night and that you will wait patiently for him as long as necessary.

If you try too hard about your crush, they will soon find you a boring loser who will suffocate them.

It’s actually very simple: if you put your heart at someone’s feet right away, they know that they don’t have to make an effort to conquer you and they automatically lose interest in you.

Apart from that, it is not good for your emotional and mental health if you focus on just one person all the time. As much as you like your crush, they’re not your whole world and there is no way you shouldn’t pretend they are.

12. Make him feel special

Usually, big, romantic gestures are only for couples. But if you’re trying to make someone fall in love with you, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a little surprise.

Of course, I don’t advise fireworks, a romantic love letter, or an “I love you” written in the sky with contrails over his house.

Think of something small, but that’s enough to make your crush feel special.

It is enough if you surprise him with a little something for his birthday or you memorize his favorite chocolate and then buy it for him. It doesn’t matter what you do, the main thing is that it’s something original and unforgettable.

13. Compliment him

Who doesn’t appreciate compliments? It doesn’t matter if your crush is a man or a woman – he or she will definitely be happy to hear something nice about themselves.

This is why compliments are another way you can get someone to like you. But please don’t be ridiculous and don’t use typical compliments.

Now don’t get me wrong – that doesn’t mean you should praise your crush for every little thing or applaud them when they clearly make a mistake, because that would be just insincere and give the impression that you are crawling up their ass.

But it can’t hurt to pay him a nice compliment every now and then.

These compliments don’t have to be related solely to his looks. After all, you don’t want to appear superficial.

Focus more on its inner beauty. Praise their acumen, talents, problem-solving skills, taste in music, or sense of humor.

This will make him see that not only do you want to give him the wash, you want to do something serious with him.

14. Ask him for advice

Hand on heart – we all like to feel important in the eyes of others. One of the other things you can do to get someone to fall in love with you is asking their advice.

This not only boosts his ego, but also gives you the opportunity to test whether the two of you are a good match and have a similar mindset. Does this person advise you something that you wouldn’t even dream of doing, or does he suggest something that you think is right yourself?

Of course, you don’t ask everyone you come across for advice. On the contrary, you only do it if you have the greatest respect and sympathy for the person.

This fact alone is proof enough of how important this person is to you.

15. Show yourself at your best

You are a living flesh and blood person. It is completely normal that you have certain quirks that neither you nor the people around you like.

But if you want to impress your crush, you mustn’t show them all of your negative sides right away. On the contrary, when you are with him, you should show yourself at your best.

This doesn’t mean to pretend to be someone you are not or to change about a potential relationship.

What I’m saying is that you should just make a little effort to show that special someone your most attractive sides.

Show him what a caring and loving person you are and what his life would be like if he were with you.

Show him how unique you are and that you will not be found anywhere else. Show him your empathy, wisdom, maturity and courtesy.

In short, your job is to convince your crush that you are a suitable partner for them and that you deserve a chance (and, later, their love).

16. Show your communication skills

If you want to impress your crush, you need to have excellent communication skills.

You need to first pique their interest in having a conversation with you, so it would be best if you think about a few icebreakers and things to talk about beforehand.

It is not enough just to listen carefully – you also have to be a good speaker. Just don’t use the typical cheap sayings we’ve all heard probably a million times.

If the opportunity arises, tease him a little and let him guess what you were trying to say. Only talk about love or sex when you can see that you are getting positive feedback and that the time is right for it.

Until then, you’d better focus on asking serious questions that pose some kind of challenge to him and make him think.

Don’t talk too much or make him feel like he’s being interrogated – just let the conversation take its natural course.

Remember, it’s your job to avoid awkward pauses in conversation and to improve your communication.

If you know you are going to meet that special someone but have absolutely no idea what to talk to them about, make a list of interesting topics to talk about.

Bringing some humor into the conversation is generally recommended, but it is important not to overdo it. Be careful not to go too far or to make jokes that are too vulgar, otherwise you will come across as immature or dubious.

Be completely open-minded and let him talk. Respect their opinion, even if you don’t share it, but don’t be afraid to speak up, either.

17. Use the internet to your advantage

The modern partner search brings many challenges and problems in love relationships.

And while most people consider social media to be one of the obstacles associated with it, if you do everything right, you can use it to your advantage.

Even if you know absolutely nothing about the person you are interested in and cannot speak to them personally, you still have the easiest option – to follow them or send them a friend request on one of your social media platforms .

If he accepts your request, you can like or comment on his posts and photos. You can also send him a message on one of his posts to break the ice and get communication going.

It’s also the best option if you’re too shy to approach your crush personally.

This will give you more time to think about an answer while you text him and he won’t be able to see how nervous you are at the other end of the screen.

18. Find a towing aid

This may seem childish to you, but the fact is that it has helped many people who did not dare to take the first step alone.

Don’t worry, your fear of speaking to the opposite sex is not a sign of weakness and has nothing to do with your age or experience; this is completely normal and just means that you have a crush on someone.

If this is the case for you, the best thing to do is to find a “towing aid”. Of course, this person doesn’t have to walk up to your crush and ask for their number like they do in the movie.

This should be a mutual friend whom you both trust unconditionally. Granted, in this case your tow helper will break your crush’s trust, but only because she is aware of your feelings for them and only wants the best for both of you.

This person will give you information about your crush’s relationship status and love life so far, and most importantly, what they think of you.

How are you progressing Is the situation developing in your favor and is he slowly starting to like you? Or does he find you obnoxious and can’t wait to get rid of you?

Find a towing aid and find out!

19. Demand respect

If you look at the steps above, you might get the impression that you should obey your crush at all costs.

Although your goal is to win him over, you don’t need to be submissive or feel inferior in this situation.

If you want to get someone to like you, you have to make them respect you. Of course, you shouldn’t literally ask him for respect, but you have to show him right from the start that you will not tolerate disrespect.

You are a grown-up person with a lot of self-esteem, who values ​​and loves yourself and wants to be treated the same by everyone else.

Just because you like that one special person a lot doesn’t mean you have to put up with every crap just so you don’t lose them.

Your time, your friends, your needs and above all your feelings are important and by no means of less importance than those of your crush.

Sure, you want him, but that doesn’t mean you are ready to completely lose yourself just for the sake of him.

This step is much more important than you might think.

Aside from its importance for your self-esteem and self-esteem, as well as your mental and emotional health, it will also help you to be taken seriously by your crush and not to be tricked in the future.

So you can challenge him and arouse his interest in you even more. This is how you can get him to fall in love with you at least as much as you fell in love with him.

20. Tell him openly and honestly what you are feeling

If none of this turns out to be working, it’s time to openly and honestly confess your feelings to him.

Yes, I know you would prefer anything but that, but your declaration of love won’t come out of the blue – you will take whatever measures are necessary to relax and prepare your crush for it.

You have to keep in mind that some people just don’t understand the hint of the fence post and you have to tell them everything directly so that they really get it. If that’s the case with your crush, you have no choice but to clear the table.

Of course, you don’t have to make a big, romantic confession of love. You don’t need to tell him that you love him dearly and that you can’t live without him, because that’s just not true.

On the contrary, you can just tell him that you’ve been seeing him as more than a friend lately and that you’d like to do something with him.

If you are afraid that you will not get a sound out when you finally stand in front of him, you can just write a little speech (which should not seem rehearsed) and then practice whatever you want to say to him.

Maybe that’s exactly what he needs to see you with completely different eyes and to realize that he was in love with you the whole time, without even being aware of it.

Make him think about your words and don’t push him to give you an answer right away.

Despite all the signals you have given him, he may be shocked by your confession and need time to calmly organize his thoughts and feelings.

But you shouldn’t wait forever either. Set a date limit by which he has to get in touch with you. If he does not answer within this period, the matter is off the table.

Whatever happens, remember to take pride in yourself for trying, and don’t let the worst-case scenario, if any, destroy your self-esteem.

If, on the other hand, you succeed (which is likely to be the case), congratulations because you managed to win your crush over to you.