How do I tell him I’m into him? (60 different options)

How do you say it so beautifully: If you love someone, tell him! Well, if only it was that easy … wouldn’t it?

Fear of possible rejection, we freeze every time we try to confess our feelings to someone we stand by.

We don’t have to do it directly, because there are so many ways we can show our feelings indirectly. So read on to learn how you can show someone that you like them without saying it outright.

I know the very idea of ​​confessing your feelings to your crush is extremely nerve-wracking.

Even if we’re not afraid of being rejected, we worry about whether or not we will get positive feedback and put ourselves under massive pressure.

In any case, it is always better to show how you feel about someone through actions, as words don’t mean much when it comes to love and feelings that big.

But enough said, let’s finally get down to business.

How do you tell him you like him?

Of course, it would be easiest if you shared your feelings with your crush face to face. However, I realize that for most of us that is out of the question at all.

That’s why you will find a little guide here on how you can indirectly tell your crush that you are into them. So that everything really goes well, I’ll also give you a few tips on how to best deal with the result.

1. Think again

Before you dare to take this decisive step, you should let the whole thing go through your head again. You shouldn’t do anything until you’re absolutely sure that you really like him as much as you think you are.

If you are not sure yet, better leave it. Otherwise, you’ll just hurt the person and hurt their feelings.

2. First, work on your self-esteem

You have to be confident to take this step.

When you have problems with your self-esteem, you will think that your crush can never feel the same about you, and that will completely discourage you.

3. Find out if he’s single

When you’re into someone, it’s perfectly normal that you want to find out more about them and get to know them better.

Most of all, however, you should focus on your love life. If you find that your crush isn’t single, keep your hands off them right away.

4. Let your body language scream “I like you”

A very important aspect that we often neglect when flirting is our body language.

You probably can’t imagine how much you can find out about yourself and your feelings just by watching how you act when you’re with certain people.

So when you’re with your crush, keep your posture open. It just means showing him that you are available and just waiting for him to take the first step.

5. Tell him with your eyes

Eye contact also plays an important role in flirting.

When you talk to your crush in person, you should look deep into their eyes and not look away for as long as possible.

Also, if he’s into you, he’ll likely keep eye contact for as long as possible and smile shyly when either of you looks away.

6. “Accidentally” touch his arm

Signal your crush that you like them by touching their arm and pretending you didn’t touch them on purpose.

The first time around, he’ll likely mistake it for an accidental touch, but after you’ve done it a few times, he’ll be sure to understand what you’re saying to him.

7. Flirt with him

You’ve probably tried it before. Now is the time to use your flirting skills to the max to win the hearts of your crush once and for all.

8. Laugh at his jokes, even if they aren’t that funny

Even if he’s the funniest person you know, there have been times when he told a joke that you either didn’t think was funny or you didn’t understand.

The point, however, is that you should laugh at even his bad jokes. Chances are you’ll be the only one laughing then, and he’ll get the message behind it.

9. Integrate into his circle of friends

I think it’s very easy. To show him that you are into him, you need to find out more about him. What does he like, what does he dislike etc.

To do this, you have to make friends with him first.

10. Remember when it’s his birthday

I think we all just remember the birthdays of people who really mean something to us.

So what better way to show your crush that you like them than to memorize this special day and maybe surprise them with a little something?

11. Give him a cute nickname

A sweet, romantic nickname literally screams “I love you”.

12. Just ask him out on a date

In all honesty, you have nothing to lose. If he accepts the invitation, that’s a clear sign that he likes you too. However, if he refuses, that’s also a clear sign that you should keep your hands off him.

You benefit in both cases. I know it hurts to get a basket, but it’s much better to know the bitter truth at the beginning, before falling hopelessly in love.

13. Wear the perfume he likes so much

Make sure you always look your best when you are with your crush.

If he compliments your outfit or your scent, you should wear these things more often.

14. Spend as much time with him as possible

Before you can confess your feelings to your crush, you need to get to know them better. That is why it is an absolute MUST to spend as much time with him as possible.

15. Compliments are always welcome

If you’re wondering how to show your crush that you love them without telling them directly, the answer is simple: give them tons of compliments.

Then he is guaranteed to notice how much you like him.

16. Leave your comfort zone

I assume most of these things are outside of your comfort zone, but if you want to show your crush that you are into them, you have to forget about your comfort zone entirely.

17. Make sure, however, that you feel comfortable doing it

I know this sounds kind of confusing now. What I’m saying is that if you think that this will make it easier for you to conquer your crush, you should definitely venture out of your comfort zone.

BUT: You should definitely not do anything that is uncomfortable for you, either for your crush or for anyone else.

18. Give him a kiss or a hug instead of just saying goodbye

This is simply showing him that you see him as more than just a friend.

19. CONSTANT signals to him

Don’t think a little token of love is enough for your crush to know that you are into them. You need to give him subtle signals on a regular basis, at least until you get some kind of feedback.

20. Wait for the right moment

Any relationship expert would give you this (in my opinion most important) relationship tip. How you take the first step is very important, but also when you take it.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you when exactly you should do it.

Nobody can tell you this to be precise, but once you get positive feedback from your crush and are 100% convinced of the seriousness of your feelings, you will definitely feel that you are ready for it.

21. Your first time has to be special

No, I’m not talking about THE first time, so you can immediately forget your dirty thoughts.

What I’m saying is that the first time you confess your feelings to your crush must be something unforgettable.

As I said, you have to wait for the right time, but it’s just as important to choose a nice place to do it.

Your crush will likely never forget this moment, so make sure you make it special.

22. Be straightforward and openly admit it

How do you tell someone that you like them? The answer is simple: you just tell him.

This is definitely the easiest way to go. Provided, of course, that you dare to tell him directly to his face.

23. Remember to always be positive

If you think positively, positive things will also arise. On the other hand, if you think pessimistically, these negative thoughts will overwhelm you and you will no longer dare to do anything out of fear.

Even if your crush reacts differently than you hoped, you can’t lose your positive attitude. Remember that anything bad always has something good.

God always knows what he’s doing. Maybe he didn’t want your paths to cross because he wanted to save you from this person and from possible lovesickness.

8 things you shouldn’t do under any circumstances

There are also some things that you should absolutely not do or say, as doing so can only cause your crush to flee.

So, if you’re looking to get a positive result, here is a list of things that you absolutely shouldn’t do or say in front of your crush.

1. Don’t make it a big deal

First of all, I would like to recommend that you reduce your expectations to a minimum or, best of all, completely forget them.

You don’t know how it will all turn out, so don’t expect too much or your own expectations may break your heart.

You are just at the beginning of a potential relationship, so you shouldn’t make a big deal of it.

If he’s the one for you, it’ll work out. And if not, then you just have to wait for the right one – your true soulmate.

2. Don’t blurt out your declaration of love in the middle of the conversation

This is by far the worst thing you can do.

You will only confuse your crush and drive them away from you completely. And you definitely don’t want that, do you?

3. Public declarations of love are an absolute no-go

Such things should really be clarified in private. As I said, you don’t know what the outcome will be, and if you get a negative answer, you’ll just embarrass yourself in front of everyone else.

So, if you want to confess your feelings to your crush, the best time to do it when the two of you are all alone.

4. Make sure you don’t say “I love you” on a first date

Please, please, please never. Although I firmly believe that there is love at first sight, you can’t blurt out a declaration of love on the first date.

Believe me, this just can’t go well. Your crush will either think you’re crazy or scary, and that will likely be your last date, too.

As Tyra Banks puts it so beautifully: “You don’t have to have a ring on your finger to say” I love you “.”

Most relationship professionals agree that it’s easy to feel when the time is right to say those words – but the first date is definitely out of the question.

5. Don’t drag your best friends into this

I know your pals and best friends are always there for you, but you shouldn’t drag them into this. You have to face this challenge all by yourself.

You don’t need intermediaries between you and your crush. Your best friends have to stay out of this or you could get them into an awkward situation.

6. Don’t drink yourself too much to give yourself courage

In no case do not confess your love to someone when you are drunk. When you get sober the next morning, you’re sure to regret it.

Plus, your crush won’t know if you meant business or if you just looked too deeply into the bottle.

You will definitely avoid each other for a while because your drunken confession of love will create a tense atmosphere between the two of you.

7. Don’t wait for him to take the first step

Dear girls, I know you have always been told to wait for the man to acknowledge his feelings first. But believe me, this is utter nonsense.

We are braver than men, that’s a fact. So why should you wait until he has the courage to take the first step? If you’ve got any kind of positive feedback from him, I’ll just say: do it!

Take the first step and show him that, unlike him, you are not a coward.

8. Don’t set yourself a deadline

In any case, don’t set yourself a deadline. This only puts you under more pressure and makes you even more nervous.

Of course, you shouldn’t postpone the whole thing forever, but don’t put yourself under unnecessary time pressure either. Before you take such an important step, you need to be well prepared and one hundred percent sure that your feelings are real.

If you’ve had a crush on these people for a long time, then it’s clear that your feelings are real and won’t just go away. In this case, it would be useful to confess your feelings to the person concerned.

How to tell him by message that you like him: 9 practical tips

Well, that should be a piece of cake. In the age of social media, online dating and dating apps, it has become really easy to show someone that you are into them.

Of course, you can’t just send your crush a simple, “I love you,” but it’s perfectly fine if you text them how you feel for them instead of telling them face to face.

Below, I’ll show you how to flirt with your crush using text messages or direct messages. I promise you that with the help of these tips you will become a real texting professional.

1. Give him your number

Without knowing your number, of course, nobody can write to you. So don’t play the aloof when your crush asks you for your phone number, give it to them immediately.

2. Don’t keep him waiting forever for your answer

Stop waiting. Your goal is to make it clear to your crush that you are into them, right?

Well, then you should reply to his messages as soon as possible to show him that you have a total crush on him.

3. Follow-up messages are prohibited

This rule only applies if you’ve just started writing together …

If you’ve been texting each other for a long time, it’s perfectly fine to send a follow-up message every now and then. However, these messages should be as simple, unobtrusive and short as possible.

4. Show him that you are thinking of him

You can show your crush with a simple “I think of you” that you are in love with them.

If you don’t want to be that direct, you can start the conversation like this, for example: “I was thinking about you when I blah blah blah…”.

5. Like his photos and social media posts

That doesn’t mean that you should immediately add him to your close friends list on every social media platform and like practically everything he posts there.

Just press the like button every now and then. That’s enough to signal to him that he has piqued your interest.

6. Send him photos

If you’ve texted each other for a long time, you can send him a selfie every now and then. If he then sends you a selfie back, that’s a very good sign that he loves you too.

7. Snap him regularly

Snapchat is my favorite platform. This means you can always know where someone is and what they’re doing.

Provided, of course, that your crush is a Snapchat freak like me and snaps every half hour.

8. Send him a romantic song

This is also a great, not-too-obvious way of telling your crush that you love them. Just find a song that gives the exact message you want it to convey.

An example: Ariana Grande – Into You . What better song to let someone know that you are into them? No? I agree.

9. Use emojis to flirt better

While most people don’t take this topic seriously, emojis can be of great help when it comes to composing a message that gets a clear message across.

So if you don’t use emojis in your messages at all, your crush will think they’re boring you. In fact, if your messages do not contain any emojis, you will leave a very cold impression.

20 everyday, simple things to do to show your crush that you love them

Here’s how you can show your crush that you are into them in a non-risky way.

You can give him subtle signals and do some of these little things every day to show him how much he really means to you.

1. Ask him regularly how he is doing

2. Always find some time for him

3. Feel what he is feeling

4. Compliment him

5. Make him laugh

6. Cook for him

7. Buy him his favorite snack

8. Surprises are a great way to show someone how much they mean to you

9. Listen carefully to him when he tells you something

10. Kiss and hug him for no particular reason

11. Send him sweet messages every now and then

12. Let him know your feelings in a romantic letter

13. Don’t let him go to bed without a goodnight text message

14. Stop by him spontaneously

15. Do something with him

16. Hold his hand

17. Date him alone

18. Show interest in his interests

19. Introduce him to your best friends

20. Become a person of trust


I hope you enjoyed this article and learned a few tricks on how to tell your crush that you like them without specifically saying, “I like you”.

Be brave. Don’t let your fears hold you back or keep you from following your heart. Never let yourself lose a loved one out of fear.

Even if you don’t get a positive answer, it’s no big deal. Even if you get rebuffed, that isn’t the end of the world.

Everything has a reason. If your message isn’t getting through, or if your crush is signaling that they’re not interested in you, that’s a clear sign that they’re not right for you.

It just means you have to wait for the right one. Wait for your soulmate. Wait for that special someone who you don’t even have to show what you’re feeling because they can see it in your eyes.

I want to tell you one more thing … To be honest, I firmly believe in the saying I mentioned at the beginning of this article. However, I would add a few more words …

If you love someone, tell them … Or, just let them go.